Migration of Cobol Systems
Cobol Application Migration
Breakthrough technology to ensure reliable migration for existing COBOL business logic into a state-of-the-art Java-based system. Allows legacy applications to exploit newer environments. Features single point of system control, reduced program loads, DB connection pools, dedicated sockets. Provides Web-based client services and inter-operation with other modern technologies. Includes numerous developer tools.
A set of tools that offers companies a fast path solution to re-platform an existing COBOL application.

Cobol Application Inventory
The AltCode Application Inventory Service parses the entire application source and control files (such as JCL). This allows the system to index application structures including missing components, system linkages, calls, references, interfaces and non-standard COBOL constructs. All this information is stored in an SQL compliant database as well as an Excel spreadsheet for convenient access.
An indispensable tool for companies contemplating a major change or upgrade of their legacy systems to quickly evaluate the feasibility of such an investment.

Cobol Application Analysis
The AltCode Application Analysis Service refines the data extracted during the Inventory phase described above to produce detailed or customized information such as the potential impact of restructuring a table.
A valuable service for companies seeking in depth information on the inner workings of their system.

Cobol Application Transformation
The AltCode Application Transformation Service uses the data extracted during the Inventory phase described above to encapsulate information such as business rules to assist in rewriting a system using such productivity aids as PE:J.
A labour saving service for companies who are rewriting their COBOL applications in state of the art technologies.

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